Kaizen – PS Artisty

I may have mentioned previously about the new PS Artistry group I am apart of – Kaizen, we work on various projects, under the direction of Sebastian Michaels, there is only 500 of us worldwide, but it is still a huge force when we all collaborate on a Project. Our first Proejct was Ride On, you can read more on their website, but it was essentially creating a set of images used to promote a Skate Shop on Asheville that work with kids. We don’t really get to show case our images outside the group until everything is finished off, we release everything at once. My Images were not successful on the website,  this time around, but I did make a mention in the Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine, so that’s kind of cool.

Skate Parks, sports and that sort of thing are not really in my normal sphere of art, but you have to try everything right? So here are my two version I put forth.


Every month we collectively work on a new project, each very different; so I guess it caters to everyone’s taste and style. Personally I am loving this month’s assignment, I will bring you more on it as soon as I can.

~ Julz