Fotos with Friends

We both have really busy hectic schedules, but every now and again Desley and I manage to pick an afternoon to just chill out and shoot; so far it seems to revolve around flowers, still life and eventual the death of a really pretty flower (more on that later).

I picked up some stunning Warratah and a hand dyed Rose………but I’ll get to the rose in another post. There was such lovely soft muted light that afternoon and I couldn’t resist a few extra pics………love Trevor the sheep! Sadly for some reason I did not take one single photo of Miss G……if you follow Desley (which of course you should) I am sure you are familiar with her little sweet pooch. Of course my Chloe was suitably unimpressed when I got home, she and Miss G have not officially met, perhaps one day………..on neutral ground, both are a little possessive of their Mommies!

Anyway a lovely afternoon; a few coffees, a few laughs and quite a few hours later, it was time to wrap it up for the day. I’m not quite sure about the Christmas wreath, perhaps it doesn’t quite work………too much on the perspex? Oh well, there’s still plenty of time.

~ Julz