A Deconstructed Rose, again…

Way back when Desley and I first dismantled a very pretty rose and were amazed out just how gorgeous the inside was, we have both been together and individually re creating, or at least trying to, every flower is different and amazing.. So when I visited Desley recently for another afternoon of shooting fun, I spotted this hand dyed rose; so pretty and so unaware of it’s fate! I didn’t even have the heart to tell the guy I bought it from what we planned to do with his very pretty rose!

It is slightly weird with the colour, it was more of a mauve, but the white balance both in Lightroom and in Camera made it more blue, the more I attempted to adjust it, I blew the whites out? Anyway, it was a very pretty colour and then…out came the scissors.

OK so maybe not quite as dramatic as previous attempts, and no bud in the middle, or is that only peony roses? Does anyone know on that score? Anyway it’s all in the name of fun and experimentation. You should pop over to Desley’s page to see her stunning macro shots of the same flower – truly gorgeous.

~ Julz