Colour or B&W

I posted two images on my Facebook page the other day, and was quite taken aback by all the comments I got, you see I asked if they preferred the Colour or the B&W version, of exactly the same image.

There was a weird almost green cast to the stormy skies overhead the day I took the image at Campbell’s Cove, now I am often the first to jump on a good B&W, I love them to pieces, but more and more lately I have been using colour. There is something almost surreal and ethereal about the colour in the first image……what do you think?

Which do you prefer?

~ Julz

36 thoughts on “Colour or B&W

  1. My preference often hinges on the conversion between color and B&W. Like with color, there are many ways one can process B&W. In this case, I think the color shot has more drama than the B&W version. That might change with different processing.

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  2. I’m more of a monochrome guy, but here I like the color version better. The color casts of sky and grass compliment each other and build a fine background for rhe weathered boat that for me pops out more in the color version. Interesting how people have different perception on this particular photograph. Great work and thanks for sharing!

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  3. I’d like a version somewhere in between the two edits. The color version is a bit “oversharpen” in my opinion, while the bw version is too flat and dull. I like the image; your angle of view and the mood. The image is great and perfect for bw. I downloaded your bw version and edited it in my raw converter. First I increased the contrast +37%. Next I added a darkening, opaque vignette to the edges when the bright bow of the boat is the middelpoint. And at last I added a graduated ND filter. Finishing with post sharpening. If you’d like to see the result, I can mail it to you


  4. I usually like monochrome images as it add more drama to the image, but here I like the colored version – it seems very lively and descriptive.


  5. I really like both. To my eye in the one with color the boat stands out more and in black and white the sky does. This may be because the sky has a blue cast to it and the sort of creamy yellow-orange of the boat is complementary to it.

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  6. I like the black and white….Your cropped it a little closer and black and white brings out the details in the boat and of course that is usually my preference ….. although this time I really like the colored version. I feel the storm coming and feel like I am out there as unsheltered and helpless as that boat is. The colored version tells a better story.

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  7. I admit to liking the colored one more. The black and white is interesting, but the color adds dimension to the photo that is lacking in the other one. I’m a big fan of black and white .. love the work of Ansel Adams for example, but sometimes a little color just touches the soul. And just my opinion! Great photo! 😀

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