Tuesday’s Textures…

OK, so I have been playing with some weird concept stuff, obtaining packages from the likes of Itkupilli and Foxey Squirrel, Julie Mead and more and just playing with them. Practising my blend modes, extraction techniques and so on.  Some are quirky, some dark, some just plain weird…….it’s interesting to see WHERE my Muse takes me with someone’s images. Here is just a few.


Whimsical Angel


Creept House #2


Creepy House #1


I Robot


Anatomies Botaniques (Botanical Anatomy)



Some of these kits I have been given access to as part of the Awake Photoshop Artistry course, some is from others course, some I have won and some I have bought. You never know when you might need that special something; snow, twinkling lights, clouds, plants, lightning.

~ Julz

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