The Shift Art Challenge…

A few months ago I signed up for a trial at Shift Art, loads of tutorials and stuff, they also have an awesome monthly challenge. This was my image from September Challenge……it’s OK but not awesome. I certainly didn’t win any awards with this one, but it’s good to get your feet wet and jump on in.


I now have a full membership, which gives me access to all the really cool stuff, tutorials, interviews and such. Of course, I entered the challenge again this month and I am really happy with my entry.I am hoping to perhaps do a little better than last time…….but with some many entrants and such high standards; who knows.

The Night Watchers

So WHAT IS the Shift Art Challenge? Every month we are given a folder or packet to download full of images, we get to use as many as we like, but must have a least two as the main subject of our image. There is also a textured pack of which we must use at least one and a layer pack, which we must also use at least one. Of course there are size restrictions (no more than 1200px at largest point), but the sky and your imagination are the limit. You can use as much or as little as you want (as long as you cover the basics) and use you own stuff as well. The Forest and the Wolf were my chosen images to work with and the layer and texture are all blended in.

Orchestre de bulles

I also worked on this one, but decided I preferred the wolf one.It is challenge, but so intereting working to such restrictions. It’s amazing how so many images can be turned into so many different projects.

~ Julz