A warm welcome Tyler…

I recently did a shoot with Master Tyler……8 weeks young, and his Mum & Dad. No Fuss, no tears, so calm & relaxed and oh so inquisitive; the lights, the camera, the bubbles…..did not like me behind the camera so much, preferred to see my face (I have no idea why?) I was chatting to his Mum & Dad during the shoot and I guess it boils down to most babies and toddlers these days have their photos and video taken on a Smartphone and are not used to a great big hulking DSLR……they have no concept of what it is or what it does. They understand (well toddlers and children anyway) the concept of having their photo taken and often revel in it, but a DSLR that hides most of the photographers face? I could shoot on a tripod, but it’s easier to move freely with babies and toddlers. Anyway here are just a few of my favourites.

So young and already such a serious young man………but such lovely cuddles.

~ Julz

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