Monday’s Musings…

What a truly stunning weekend, good friends, and magnificent weather…….summer is finally on it’s way!

I am yet to go through so many photos from the weekend, I did a day long shoot with the ever wonderful Rachelle James, we did five mini shoots in one day…… much fun.


This so far is my favourite…… my new toy; see the crystal ball? It’s real and will be making a few appearances shortly.

On Sunday we met up with a group of Tog Friends at Tenby Point in Victoria (near Phillip Island) to shoot this old pier at low tide, the whole area is mostly marshland, so a lightle bit fragrant. Here is my new crystal ball again… was then used by many of my fellow togs, we were attempting to do long exposures, however it was so still my 4 1/2 minute exposure looked no different really to a quick snap.


4.5 second exposure with Firecrest 16 ND Filter


We gave up on the long exposures and played around with the ball and then because it really was getting quite hot, we left and went along the coast looking for a coast breeze. We explored a little of the San Remo region,  before heading home. Sometimes our day trips are exhausting and with a temp of 29c it was our first real warm day. Not much more from me today, will write more in depth post on the weekend’s shoots latter on.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz