Spring Outings – Tenby Point

On Sunday we met a group of Tog Friends for some fun at Tenby Point…….where on Earth is that I hear you ask? About 45 minutes from our place, 1.5 hours from Melbourne CDB.


It’s just off the Bass Hwy on the way to Phillip Island, there really isn’t anything there apart from the ‘Tree’ similar to the one at Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, but not as pretty or as famous, and there is the remains of an old jetty. True, there are a lot of old jetties and piers along this stretch of coast, but we had not been to this one before.


From the Bayview Road Car park it is about 1km walk to the right along Mangrove swamp, the pebbles and rocks strewn across the sand are a terrible tripping hazard for a clutz like me, so it was eyes down every step of the way. The jetty can only be seen at low tide, as access and the pylons are not really accessible at high tide; the tide goes out a really LONG way.


Our plan for the day was to do some long exposures as the tide started to come back in and then make it back out before we got out feet wet……it was so calm, so still, the clouds barely moved and the water did not either. The above is a 4 1/2 minute exposure……….didn’t look much different from a quick snap. So we gave up on that.


I did remember to take my new crystall ball. We set it up on the sand right in front of the jetty and took turns photographing through it. We also took shots on rocks, tripods, holding it in our hands. It was quite hot 29C and the crystal ball was actually extremely hot, hard to hold and at one point started to smoke and melt a tripod it was on….oops.Note for future reference Crystal Balls act just like a magnifying glass and you can burn or even set fire to anything with bright sunlight!

groupThis is a group shot (with me in front, holding the silly old crystal ball, lol) shot taken courtesy of Bev at Rusty Ramblers.

It was a lovely morning out, even if we did not get any truly great long exposures…….sometimes these sorts of things are incredibly difficult to plan ahead. Still, a lovely spot, good friends and lots of laughs…….and frankly that’s what this photography group is all about……….oh and a few photographs too!

We left Tenby Point and meandered our way out to San Remo and then turned around and came home again.

~ Julz