Conceptual Photo Shoot

I have been very lucky to shoot some of the people, events and things over the last year or so, I seem to have a knack of being in the right place at the right time…occasionally. Sometimes it’s just down to plain old hard work and lots of planning. One of the people that photography has brought into my life is Model Rachelle James. This girl is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, nothing is ever too much to ask and she trusts my vision, even if she doesn’t necessarily fully get my concept until the finished edit; hey some of my concepts are pretty weird! But trust me she does…so when I suggested another full day shoot, she of course said yes. I think the girls love the weird stuff I come up with, the weirder the better, it’s so different from Fashion Photography.

My First idea for the day was a gypsy/fortune teller, I had the crystal ball. I had bought a few bits and pieces online as well; the dress, the belt, the hoop earrings and jewellery I already had.

Mystical Energies

I have learned that using a crystal ball is not brilliant for portraits, it really does odd things to peoples faces! So the reflection in this shot was blurred out and I added this wonderful fractal/ energy bolts. The Red glow was done using a red filter on the end of a light box (well a snoot actually). I then turned the smoke machine on…….oh what fun. The smoke machine is often a challenge to work with, the best results come from turning it on and waving it around and then take a photo or two once the smoke starts to fall. It seems to hang in the air for a moment or two before it dissipates.

We then tried the card through, this is actually harder than it looks. The image below is a composite of several images, just to get plenty of cards in the shot.


These two shots I hit the crystal ball with a snoot light and then bumped up the exposure in lightroom, to really make it glow.


We actually did five mini shoots this day, with costume changes and location shots….it was lots of fun, many laughs and I think we both learned a thing or two about each other during our conversations in the car rides.

I will save some of the other for another post.

~ Julz