WPC – It’s not this time of year without…

I guess there is a lot happening at this time of year; the obvious one that comes to mind is Thanks Giving. I’m an Aussie, and we don’t celebrate it, but I grew up on American sitcoms, so I guess I have become a bit of an outside observer?


What’s Thanks Giving without the turkey? Actually I love a good roast turkey and we have it every Christmas, mine is the all breast roll kind that comes from the supermarket.

But to me this time of year is all about Christmas and Summer………I love the warmer months. Nothing more welcoming than a lovely wreath on a front door.


Of course in Australia it also means, hot summer days and visits to the beach and BBQs.


So what does this time of year mean for you? Whatever it is I hope you enjoy it the way YOU want, ignore the consumerism and enjoy life the way you envision……..maybe that’s on the couch with a good book and a glass of red, or a picnic with family, a quiet afternoon in the mountains, or just walking the dog………enjoy life – I am.

~ Julz


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