Never work with kids and animals….and balloons!

A little while back I was given a gorgeous red ball gown, actually three, two were red and one cream; but I have only used one particular red one. In my mind’s eye I had this vision of this stunning red ball gown (complete with a train) and red balloons, lots of red balloons. Red balloons in the studio, with a smoke machine and the beautiful Rachelle James; soft, sweet, glamorous, old school Hollywood glamour even. No real problem, although Rachelle wrangling all those balloons was a little funny.

Lady in Red

Then we went outside…….oh dear thats when the problems started. Loading the helium filled balloons and Rachelle in that dress (complete with hoops underskirts too I might add) in my SUV was funny enough, on our first location a large concrete wall (obviously lol) my thought was to encapsulate childish abandon, enthusiasm and have Rachelle float away; dragged up by the balloons. If we set the shot so it was a sideway drag, the wind changed and the balloons went up, if we set up for an Up shot, the wind blew sideways. Then there was the dress, I through it one way the wind blew it another………and it was a slight wind, not a gale. Idiot me forgot the tripod and remote……….honestly no brains sometimes, so self timers, and model interaction finally managed to get some half decent shots. Oh and only two guys perving from the factory area we were in, bonus!

Come Fly with Me
Childish Abandon

I was hoping the light winds would be a little more predictable and allow me to get the right shots off every time…………as it turns out Mother Nature has a sense of humour and likes balloons to behave erratically. Once finished we made a quick detour to the Studio and picked up tripod and timer and a small lantern……..of course I promptly tripped over my own feet (such a clutz) and smashed the glass in the lantern on the path. No matter I can Photoshop that baby back in. And off to a secluded, quiet little spot in the Dandenong Ranges, it was a lovely afternoon for a drive and Rachelle and I happily chatted away with the aircon on and the music going. When we arrived at said quiet spot………there were cars everywhere, I have NEVER seen cars there before. Oh dear, audience time. Rachelle in red dress, with train and hoops underskirts, and balloons trekking through the countryside, a pine forest to get to my fairytale location. Unfortunately most of the wild flowers had been cut and mown down (frustrating, but bushfire season is now very close at hand). I spent the afternoon running up and down that damn hill adjusting dress, balloons, positioning, taking shots, checking and adjusting camera shots……..I was exhausted, it was the first hot day of the season; 27C

The Hunted

The way home was eventful in itself as my GPS decided to take us on a really LONG drive home. It did give us time to chat some more………..honestly I felt such a twit for getting us so lost. You really do have to laugh. When we finally made it home, it was time for another costume change and then our final shoot for the day…….but I will leave that for another post.

~ Julz