Monday’s Musings

Last week was such a hectic week, still trying to play catch up form the last few weekends shoots, plus more video tutorials, and then another weekend of shoots. My big exciting announcement this week is I was asked to be this week’s online tutorial for, it goes live Monday US time, wish is I guess my tomorrow, maybe much later tonight. So very, very exciting. If you are at all interested in Graphic or Digital Art, go check them out amazing tutorials, interviews and inspiration, some stuff you need a membership to see, but there is some stuff you can see for free.

Saturday I finally managed to spend some time in the studio (tidying up) and then doing some Christmas Still Life. I wanted to do my own e-cards again this year (minus the cats and dogs this time) and just some fun pretty pretty stuff for KK classes, One Year Wiser and The Studio 2.0………..of course have not go round to editing them all as yet.


Sunday was the Christmas get together for our camera group, we had a cruise along the Yarra river, seeing a side of Melbourne Moth and I have never seen, it was a hot humid day, but the breeze off the water at the back of the boat was wonderful (OK not so much the diesel fumes) it was a wonderful morning out followed up by a lovely lunch at the Riverland Bar, right on the water’s edge (the sparrow was cleaning up a chip I dropped). It was hot today, really not 34C…….not the best weather for jumping around like idiots………but some of us did (well not me) lol.

In between all this Moth had also been oiling out deck and working around the house in preparation for Christmas, which will be here this year. So it will be busy, busy, busy for the next week or so to get everything ready.

There will be no Holiday just before Christmas, as we have done the last few years, just seems so much to do. I cannot believe it is only a few weeks away and so many things happening between now and then.