Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 18

The Girl That Dreams Awake has chosen Freedom as this week’s 52 Week Challenge Theme.

What does Freedom mean to you? I guess it is different in each of us. Some people see and value things differently. Freedom to me is time spent alone with my imagination. I love to create, whether that is with my PC or my Camera. I love children’s imaginations…….nothing is impossible; my imagination and creativity is like that.Joy, wonder and magic are all real to me.


My car, my camera and the open road also represent freedom, the sheer joy of travelling to someplace and exploring. Near or far, I don’t mind there is always some adventure to be found. And then there is the ocean……….something comes over me when I am near the sea. Calm, relaxation, inner peace. Freedom from all my troubles. Maybe I was a mermaid in another life?

Again………what does freedom mean to you?

~ Julz


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