Tuesday’s Textures

This image partly came to me in a dream; part escapism, part dream sequence…….what if a fish could learn to fly like a bird, would a fish like to fly? Swimming is kind of like flying, but in water….or is it that flying is like swimming without water? I know there are Flying Fish, but what about a goldfish?

Learning to Fly

Late at night when no one is watching and a few friends helping, isn’t that the key to unlocking your dreams and escaping your normal surroundings?

Now I may have already mentioned this a time or two (just so excited), but my Piece title The Night Watchers is this week’s Shift Art Tutorial – if you are already a ShiftArt Member, please let me know what you think. If you are not a member, there is still lots to see without signing up, but if you are interested in Photoshop or Image manipulation, consider it….absolutely amazing articles, images and tutorials.

~ Julz