Spring Outings – Mont de Lancey Homestead

Built in 1867 Mont de Lancey by Henry Sabire the estate had humble beginnings and was one of the early settlers in the are of Wandin in the Yarra Valley, about one hour from Melbourne. More history can be read here.

We visited on this occasion for the Draught Horse & Vintage Machinery Weekend 

A fun day with working displays including:

  • Draught Horses ploughing the fields
  • Vintage Machinery running up a huge head of steam
  • Blacksmiths firing up the forges to make horse shoes
  • Woodturners making a range of beautiful timber objects
  • Working dogs rounding up sheep
  • Creative chainsaw carving
  • PLUS much more

A great destination for a day trip, just an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

It was a cloudy morning, which then cleared into quite a warm afternoon, but such a glorious day up in the Yarra Valley.  We watched the Cattle dogs herd sheep, watched whips being made and used.

Watched woodturners and blacksmiths, draught horses ploughing, hay baling, vintage and classic cars, wood carving and vintage machinery. We explored the grounds and the homestead, the church and schoolyard, the roses gardens and the museum. We met some great characters and talked to many people, I adore to watch these Master Craftsmen (and Women) do what they do best. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways…..true modern machinery makes things cheaper and quicker, but not as well. It was such a wonderful day out.

~ Julz


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