WPC – Relax

I’m a bit slow off the mark on this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax, it has been far from a relaxing week, although it started off well with a cruise along the Yarra and lunch with friends. I shot this guy doing a bit of fishing with his dog  on that cruise, he looks relaxed…….the little boy trying to play croquet was having fun. I love the flower image and the Buddha quote. My daughter and her dog, relaxed sharing breakfast……this same dog had surgery to repair a ruptured ACL today. I am NOT relaxed. It’s heart breaking to have a pet or young child in pain……they don’t understand and you cannot do anything for them. Locking him in the laundry for his own good is proving far more difficult that we anticipated. He is a calm and quiet dog, but keeping him away from us and the other animals to prevent him from further injury for the next few days……will be long!

Which brings me to the last 3 images……a day and evening spent on this wonderful little yacht on the Great Barrie Reef in Queensland, at Port Douglas. Absolute heaven, true BLISS, it’s my Zen spot, where I go in my thoughts to relax. I fear I will be in sore need of this before the week is out.

What image relaxes you?

~ Julz

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