Bright Lights and Hot Rods

Moth and I recently (Yes, Hubby went to this one too..I am slowly corrupting him), to a Fine Art Nude/ Fashion Workshop with Brett Dorron from Australian Photographic Academy , featuring the wonderful model Denisa StrakovaDenisa Strakova and Light Painters extraordinaire Bill and Dee Holmer from Melbourne Light Painting. Billed as Bright Lights and Hot Rods, it started as more natural light and vintage cars (also a cool thing); but then turned into cool lights, lasers, dry ice and smoke machines; all set in an actual hot rod car garage, full of cars and machinery and cool collectibles.


Brett ran us through our paces with natural light and strobe lighting, while Denisa strutted her stuff in, on and over a very cool vintage car. Using mostly natural light while still available and the strobes as a fill, we moved more into strobes as the main source of light as it got darker. Once it was dark it was time for the light painting to start. Loads of fun and ideas thrown around, costume changes (it was not all nude), we used two different vintage cars, as well as some of the collectibles as sets. Culminating with a dress made of LED light strips and lasers through smoke……..very cool.


~ Julz

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