Monday’s Musings…

I have decided that each week I will bring a little bit of Christmas into each post. I love this time of year and even though it seems to have snuck up on me, I will still pass on the Christmas spirit. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s OK, bare with me, I have no religious rants, just fun, frivolity, pretty pictures and respect for each other; whoever you are.


So back on track now shall we? My dog Buddy had his surgery last Wednesday to repair a complete rupture of is ACL. Lesson learned……….don’t let clumsy dogs jump from a high SUV onto wet brick drive way. He is is a lot of pain and so is my credit card! Poor boy, he had a rough first few days, he wet himself and his bed more than once, and is humiliated and horrified, he hasn’t had an accident since a pup, he’s such a good clean boy. We knew it was bound to happen, but he just doesn’t understand. He still can’t walk and we are looking at carrying him everywhere for another 4 weeks. I am sure it will pass, but it is a huge undertaking, involving all of us. The biggest problem is locking him in the laundry at night for his own safety instead of our bedroom floor.

I am sure it will be worth it at the end, I know I have been there myself with both knees (Not ACL, but still); I just can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel; yet!

On a plus, he is quite content on his bed in my office, so I have been spending a lot of time, working and watching and making more tutorials, creating more art, making more texture and brush packs.

I had a workshop arranged on Saturday with 5 fellow PhotoShop Awake Artists, which had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, but it did give me time to catch up on some Christmas shopping, and such. Honestly WHERE has this year gone?

Underwater Dreaming

On Sunday I had not one but two wonderful models, Jess Ami who I have worked with before and another new model; Melissa Jade We wanted to have some real fun before Christmas and spent the afternoon, making some naughty but nice photos!

Jess & Mel


Oh you just know there is more to come on this shoot………Santa Baby!

I hope you all have a truly fabulous week….til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz