Summer Outings – Yarra River Cruise

Recently a group of us regulars from my Camera Group spent a fabulous Summer Morning doing a cruise along the Yarra River in Melbourne. I have never been on a cruise on the Yarra, even though Melbourne is my home Capital City…..isn’t that the way?

It was a hot, humid, cloudy day, one of the few first’s for this Summer, in the photos it looks so grey and overcast, but it was rather hot. In the cabin of the boat it was even stuffier and hotter, but above decks there was a cool breeze and actually quite pleasant for most of the morning. We cruised along the river seeing a side of Melbourne we had never seen before, out past the bridges and then back along to the harbour, past Victoria Dock where the cargo ships are unloaded.

We finished off with a Sneaky Santa Kris Kringle…..I had never heard of it before either. You name is called out of a hat, you pick a present (I picked that big red and white bag at the back……it was heavy). Then someone else’s name is called they can steal your present of take one off the table……..that’s the sneaky part. Someone stole mine, so I got another pick….the smaller pink bag with the stocking on it; I got to keep that one! A lens pen and a USB Stick………the little present at the front seemed to be a winner, my friend Kellye picked that; a small crystal ball. Lots of laughs and everyone walked away with something.dsc_5134

We all then went to the Riverland Bar, right on the water for a lovely lunch. It was now getting really hot 34C I believe it got to, and the storm clouds were coming in, so it was time to make our way home.dsc_5138

This is our last official outing of the year, but I am sure there is possibly one or two that might sneak in, or we will just go out on our own.

~ Julz