Monday’s Musings…

One more week and Christmas will have been and gone, scary@! I have been on holidays since Friday, and as much as not being at work is wonderful, this time of year is all about getting ready for lots of visitors. I always do a big ‘Spring’ clean at this time of year, nothing like starting my holidays off with a lovely clean house, then I can ignore it and enjoy myself. Friday afternoon I also did the last of the present shopping (YAY!)We had to spend Saturday running small errands that took ages and running my kids back and forth to work. They both work at the big shopping centre and trying to find a car park is a nightmare, so every year we drop them off and pick them up, often painful but necessary.

buddy_aclΒ Of course there is still the ongoing care and juggling of carers for Buddy the dog…….his ACL Repair surgery was a success, now we just have to keep him off it to heal….easier said than done. He was coming good, and then he pulled out his INTERNAL Stitches and damaged some of the wound, so he had a bucket put on this head, which in turn caused him such distress that NO ONE in my house got any sleep last night (and probably the neighbours as well) with him banging and crashing in the laundry (His make shift bedroom) and howling. He got himself so worked up we was hyperventilating and almost vomiting. His days are spent tied to a coffee table or dining Β table, he is bored and gets stiff from lying down all the time. We even have to carry him outside to go to the toilet……………this will be a very long 5 weeks, with still 3.5 to go 😦

In between all the running around (rushing the dog to Vet and back after pulling his stitches) I did manage to play in the studio for a little bit; that’s our Gingerbread house, we buy one every year and some of our Hamper treats as well.

I’ll leave you with those for now, I hope you have a great week, whatever you are doing.