Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 20

It’s funny, I am almost finished my other 52 Week challenge, one week to go. and this one is nearing the half way point. I seem to be obsessed with time at the moment, it is fleeting and it seems there just and there not enough hours in the day!

This week’s theme from the Girl that dreams awake is Coffee, quit fitting today really, as I nurse my head. Honestly I am such a light weight; 2 glasses of champagne (mixed with OJ) and I wake this morning groggy, tired, dehydrated and have a massive headache, AKA Hungover, lol. Mind you I was not laughing this morning, but coming good now…………ahhhh coffee where would I be without you?

Sorry no new pics this week, but plenty of coffee šŸ™‚

~ Julz