Monday’s Musings…

It’s December 26th, we refer to it as Boxing Day in Australia, as I believe they do in the UK….what is it referred to where you live?

We had a nice Christmas Day………nothing fancy, a sleep in (I did all my prep the day before), then a few last minute things to get ready for my Parents who came over. Then my little family got down to our present exchange, a little weird this year, pretty everyone got what they put on their wish list, we are sick of getting things we don’t won’t or need.

O had specifically asked for a particular tripod and a Wi-Fi adaptor for my camera……I got both, the kids got movies, games, books and chocolates. Moth was the one we were all excited about…………he had no idea what he wanted, so as it is his birthday as well we got him the new PS4 and some games.


It was quite funny when he opened the extra controller and games, he said but we don’t have a PS4………and then it dawned on him and his face lit up. Yup so once we ate way too much, and possibly drank a little too much, my parents left and Moth dutifully set up the PS4 and started playing his games. I now have peace and quiet to play with my toys, but more on them later. I was tired…………turkey does that, damn tryptophan! We did not overly do it, but turkey and ham and chicken and prawns and four different salads, plus chocolate cheesecake, pavlova (of course) and finished off with cheese and crackers with coffee……………for a mid day meal, is a LOT, of course throw in a few bottles of champagne. Did I mention it was hot? Real hot 37C, even the candles were melting…


Not much else to say, lazy day today, might play with my new toys later. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got over the food coma πŸ™‚

~ Julz, xo