Monday’s Musings…Happy New Year Edition

Oh my, 2017 – Happy New Year!…I hope you have had a wonderful start to the year. This last week has been fairly uneventful, mostly dog sitting – Buddy is doing really, really, well; hard to believe he is almost four weeks post op.


I avoided the Boxing Day sales, and we have mostly been pottering around the house, watching a few movies, Moth did some D.I.Y. projects around the house, I should take some pictures………silly me never thought of before and after, oh well. Moth has also been playing a LOT of Assassin’s Creed on the PS4 we got him for Xmas. I have been creating some tutorials, working on January Shift Art Challenge, and I also bought myself a lovely bunch of purple Dahlias, which I spent a few days photographing in various lighting conditions in the studio; will do some posts soon.


It has been so hot, and incredibly humid (we don’t get the humidity in Melbourne, we normally get a really dry heat), but there has been some huge monsoonal rain from North of Australia and the Cyclones brewing off the coast and some of this activity has briefly touched us here, the humidity and Β storms. We had a ripper of a storm the other day, flash flooding and light show, my daughter and I watched it all from the spa we were sitting in the cool off with πŸ™‚ nice and snug and safe on the back deck.

New Years Eve we had more relatives over for our Christmas/New Year’s get together for a lovely afternoon. Then we spent a quiet evening at home. We rarely venture out on new Year’s Eve, the dogs are such a problem, but I get very nervous in large crowds and tend to get a little panicked 😦 So it’s just easier to stay at home, a long soak in the spa a bottle of bubbles and we can watch the fireworks locally or on TV.

I also have been battling a rather nasty inner ear infection and my ear was so blocked up I have been almost completely deaf for the last two week, try seeing a doctor at Christmas time! Finally saw a doctor and after a few days of medication to clear out the ear, the Doc could then syringe the rest………not a particularly pleasant procedure, but then again I have had worse. Now I am just battling the rest of the infection, but can hear again; not sure if it is entirely beneficial or not, lol

First sunset for 2017 was a complete bust, a few of us headed into Princes Pier in Melbourne, but the rain, well drizzle mostly had set in on the bay and the temp dropped, the wind picked up, not great for an ear infection. I grabbed a few shots and then we headed home………decided to make a brief pit stop and played with long exposure light trails over the freeway, the rain had mostly cleared by the time we got there.


There is lots happening in the New Year, but I will talk more about that later. I hope you all have a great week, I am back to my 9-5 job tomorrow…..not looking forward to THAT at all; the last few weeks has been rather pleasant πŸ™‚

~ Julz