Monday Musings

Let me start out with it’s hot, really hot! OK Whinge over 🙂

I really do think I am going to have to change back to Manic Mondays, On Tuesday I went back to the 9-5 after nearly three weeks off, man that was hard! Go to work and come home and run around, Buddy had a follow up at the vet……….he is doing really, really well. Hopefully this week they will give us the go ahead to let him have little walks… steps. Then I spent Thursday after work racing around trying to find bits and pieces for a concept shoot arranged for Saturday, Friday setting up for said shoot, then pulling down as we ended up cancelling due to extreme heat 😦 rescheduled for next month.

So Saturday we went for a drive to Balnarring and Flinders, a friend of mine had the opening of an art exhibit, I wanted to see some more of his amazing work up close, support him and pick his brain. As I have just been offered my first gallery exhibit too! Not a solo exhibit, but we all have to start somewhere right? Scary as hell and I am madly trying to put everything together. How amazing is that it is in a gallery the city, so hopefully some good foot traffic to bring in some sales.

I also started Brooke Shaden’s 20 Day Portfolio Challenge…………that has been an eye opener and I have realised more than ever my stuff is just all over the place. Need to separate my Digital Art and my Photography I think. Man, I just got my website looking good too lol.

Sunday I had another shoot, this time for a special concept, would love to tell you but it is currently on the Do Not Disclose list; here is a BTS shot


You will get to see it in the next few weeks. What else have I been up too? Played around with my new Camfi adaptor, have been taking photos on my phone and editing them in PS Mobile, not overly happy with my phone camera still.


I spent a wonderful afternoon with a friend, fellow photographer and WP Blogger Suzanne and had a chat, lots of laughs and some photography fun. This is me taking a shot of her taking a shot of me………oh dear, what can one say. It was fun, I can’t wait to see her pics.


P.S. I am now completely over my ear infection (Hopefully for good), I just want to say thank you for everyone who wished me a speedy recovery, thank you. It’s nice to know so many people care 🙂

I hope you all have an amazing week, I have a few things up my sleeve, but more on that later.

~ Julz