Summer Sunsets…

January 1st, 2017, let’s go to the iconic Melbourne Bay Princes Pier and shoot sunset, shall we? Asked a guy in one of our Photography groups…….sure we said. Not much of a sunset, skies turned stormy and it drizzled on and off while we waited for the sky to clear. This is as good as it got.


We gave up and left after about 45 minutes. On the way home, we stopped at a footbridge near our house over the freeway, we had always wanted to try to do some light trails there, but never seem to find the time……..well the skies had cleared a little so we went for it.

Looking away from the City
Looking towards the city


Not a huge amount of traffic, this night, not sure if it made this better or not? This is the end of the footbridge. So overall the first few days of 2017 the weather has been less than average, well that’s Melbourne in Summer for you; last week we were melting this week we need our winter woolies out again 🙂 it has taken me ages to post as I have been busy removing rain spots from the first image lol

We are planning on do the Princes Pier again in a few weeks, hopefully we will get better weather then?

~ Julz