30 thoughts that can motivate you to do anything 

so many of these hold so true for me………..positives for a Friday


Happy Monday everyone, sometimes all we need is a little push to get that extra job done that will make us successful so here are 30 thoughts that can motivate you to do anything.

  1. I can achieve anything I want
  2. I am smart
  3. I will get better
  4. Failure is temporary
  5. Fail is just an acronym for First Attempt In Learning
  6. There will always be challenges
  7. I deserve more
  8. I won’t settle for less
  9. It’s never too late
  10. Rome wasn’t built in a day
  11. I’ve done harder things
  12. I’m in control of my life
  13. There are people with worse situations
  14. I have people that love me dearly
  15. You only live once, take chances while you can
  16. When there’s life, there’s hope
  17. All I ever have to do next is to decide what to do next
  18. Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone
  19. Unless i learn how to do something…

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