A Portrait Session for new Head Shots

This time the session was for Me! Part of my be Braver for this year……I hate having my photo taken, and I know a lot of other people do too. It is stupid really, I can’t change the way I look (without a bucket load of money, pain and cosmetic surgery), the people in my life love me for WHO I AM, not what I look like, just as I don’t judge me family and friends…..I love them just the way they are. So if everyone else sees me this way, why can’t I just get over myself?

So a friend of mine, who sat for me, agreed to take some portraits of me, I wanted a new updated picture for my social media profile, the other is nearly 10 years old. I love Suzanne’s photos they are a little grungy, a little street, a little raw and REAL, and I figure that is me, so that’s what I want……I think; no make up, no hair – Just me as I am every day. My family and friends say they love the images where I am laughing, because that’s what I do………laugh, loud and often (as we all should). I personally like the more thoughtful, pensive ones. She even captured me and Moth at a photo shoot (hence the big baggy hat!) A very big shout out to Suzanne BaldingΒ and a BIG thank you……………yes I have gotten over the shock of looking like my Grandmother! *Hugs* hun!