Concept Shoot – What ever happened to Super Woman

This concept started off as a bit of a joke, there was a image of a tired woman sitting with a cigarette and soaking her feet in a bucket of bubbly water, she had on a super woman outfit. Someone said it looked like my friend Suzanne, as she has a Super Woman T-shirt……..she said it wasn’t but wouldn’t it be fun. I said it would be amazing to do our own thing, and we agreed, but put it on the back burner……this was just before Christmas. Serendipitous good fortune, timing and a chain of events found both Suzanne and I free a few Sundays ago so we quickly arranged this shoot. I had already had everything noted down in my little journal, so it was not hard and not much was required. Keep It Simple Stupid………KISS.

Honestly this is just a few, we had so much fun and so many laughs, it was a wonderfully creative day. We then swapped and Suzanne did a Head Shot shoot for me……that’s a whole other ball game and another post.


~ Julz

20 thoughts on “Concept Shoot – What ever happened to Super Woman

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