Monday Musings…

Not quite so manic this week, although it probably should be, this afternoon I drop my pieces off for my upcoming exhibit…it has certainly been an experience. Last week was running from here to there, organise prints, pick up prints, frame prints (find one frame damaged and had to take back to get changed over)…….stress, stress, stress…….no wonder I ended up hurting my back/neck again ! (Oh woe is me)…trip to the physio has me on the road to recovery.

I finished off Brooke Shaden’s 20 Day Portfolio challenge, wow that was an eye opener and a soul searching experience, still learnt a lot about myself, my art and some things I need to work through. Met some great creatives and hopefully we can all keep in touch.

I had another two pieces of my Dapper Rabbit series published, also had a piece published on with the Gallery of Refined Art, as well as another nomination. So that is all exciting. Spent Saturday playing with some stuff in the studio, had a brilliant idea for a small series after a Spark on the Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful


I am learning that sometimes simple is best, not always, but I am appreciating making truly great art from minimal distractions.

Pomegranate Still Life

And then Sunday went from simple to complicated, but oh so much ewy gooey fun! I was very enamoured of Desley Jane’s wonderful macaron macro shoot, I said we should do cupcakes! And of course she said yes, so we did, honestly it was one disaster after another, but as per usual lots of laughs….but more on THAT later.

So this week is a short week work wise, just as well plenty to do, we celebrate Australia Day on Thursday in a typically Australian way, by taking Friday off and having a long weekend! We were actually going to go away, but the exhibit sort of put all that on hold………I suppose we could still get away, and maybe a few day trips if it isn’t too hot. Well that’s it for now……..