Summer Outings – Princes Pier, take 2…

Actually that is just take two for 2017, we have been here a few times, every time is a disaster………that was where the infamous camera drop happened all those years ago (wow years? – scary), it is apparent we are cursed when it comes to shooting here, it is inevitably cold (even in Summer), windy, often it is raining and the sunset is usually crap………..this time was no different I’m afraid.



We even got the crystal balls out, but still not too good, even my long exposures were blurry because everything kept blowing in the gale force winds 🙂 . Yet anyone else can shoot there (while we are not there) and get amazing sunsets! It is so frustrating, the funny thing is, when everyone else is shooting there…….why are we wanting the same pics as everyone else? It is a good question, that I have no answer for, other than ‘IT’S THERE’ lol.

One day, my ship MUST come in………..til then happy snapping…