Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod – Review


Another item on my christmas list was a new tripod my old Velbon was having issues, we still have the Manfrotto, but it is also having wonky leg issues and it is way too heavy. So a friend showed me a link for the new Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Tripod with SBH100 Ballhead (V230269) [this is not where I bought it from, but it does have pics and specs] I got mine from Amazon for US$150.00…….but I can no longer find the link 😦


  • Lightweight (5.38 lbs/2.44 kg)
  • Maximum Height of 5.67′ (1.73 m)
  • Load Capacity of 15.4 Lbs (7 kg)
  • Folded Length is 28.125″ (71.5 cm)
  • Magnesium Alloy Ballhead Included
  • Ballhead Includes 2 Bubble Levels
  • 25- 50- and 80-Degree Leg Angles
  • Central Column Moves From 0-180 Degrees

It was a little tricky to figure out the central column, but once done it is brilliant.


  • Levels are wonderful – straight photos (well mostly)
  • Perfect for flat lays and awkward positions
  • nice and light, easy to carry
  • Quick set up and take down
  • leg clips easy to use with cold stiff fingers 🙂
  • Quick and easy mount for tripod
  • lovely fluid motion with ball head.
  • All screws and clips are easy to turn, twist or click; I have limited mobility in my hands at times (apart from the screw for the head mount)


  • Carry bag does not have pocket for bits and pieces
  • I’m afraid to hang too much weight off the central column, it just does not feel sturdy enough, when fully extended
  • It’s possibly just me and it being new but the ball head feels a little clunky at times.
  • The head mount is a pain to screw into the camera and needs the key (which is still attached to my tripod) or a coin. The Velbon and Manfrotto has a lever to twist.


Overall I love it, lightweight and easy to use, I took it with me on a trip to the sand dunes and nice and light, quick set up etc. the ball head and levels are fabulous.

Our trek through the dunes…….I’m still carrying the tripod lol

In conclusion I do love it…………nothing is perfect, but for right now it comes pretty damn close 🙂

~ Julz