Monday’s Musings…

We had a four day weekend starting with Australia Day on Thursday…….we celebrated by getting up at 3:30am to shoot sunrise at Flinders (an hour away), sunrise was sadly a no go, but I did get a few lovely photos, pre dawn. We walked along the beach, and took some photos and just existed, something about the sounds, the smells, the essence of the beach and the waves, the gulls – everything; it rejuvenates me. It then started to rain and we were very tired, so we went home for a nap! Didn’t do much for the rest of the day, too tired for fireworks and festivities, I’m not big on crowds anyway.


Friday was the Opening for my gallery exhibit…….huge crowds turned out, it was all very exciting. I had artist friends and photography friends stop by to see the exhibit, say hello and wish me luck, it was wonderful. I also had some very dear friends stay with me most of the night…

These photo all courtesy of Beck Faldon – Photographer, we then kicked on from there with a late dinner in Lygon Street – pizza of course! I have not sold anything as yet, but hopefully…….it’s on for another 2 weeks.

Saturday I had to run some errands and dropped into the market for a few things (among them fresh flowers – seems to be a weekly thing), I found these gorgeous quail eggs……….oh my how delicate and colourful and perfect. Top it off with these stunning tri colour dahlias!!!!!!!!!! Oh be still my beating heart; macro at the ready.

I of course then spent the afternoon playing with eggs and flowers, Moth enjoyed some quality time with the PS4 and Assassin’s Creed in air conditioned comfort.

Sunday was again quiet, a lovely relaxing end to a perfect weekend. This week will also be fairly quiet, not much on, I hope to visit some else’s art exhibit next weekend, but apart from that my schedule is completely open….seems so strange. I am sure it will change quick enough!

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz