Flinders Pier – Sunrise

So we were invited to go and photograph Flinders Pier at Sunrise, keeping in mind sunrise was 6:26am and approx one hour from here; we were looking at a 3:30am wake up…..OMG! Sure Julie says………….so drag my butt out of bed, and it’s actually chilly (remember, Australia, middle of Summer!) so we grab lots of fresh coffee and drive down the Flinders and meet the others at the car park, first thing we notice……….lots of cloud. That’s OK we can wait it out and hope it lifts.

And……………..nope grey on grey on grey, so I went B&W

ISO 100, F/20. 30 Seconds ND6 Filter

We then went and grabbed a coffee, Moth and I thought we would try down the ‘Sticks’ what is left of the old Jetty. I love being at the beach, even on grey days; the sounds the smells, the atmosphere. Gulls circling and squawking, the waves crush against the sand (OK so not many waves, but still) I feel connected and in touch, I can and did spend ages just standing there feeling it all wash over me, the peace the serenity.

Lots of people walking their dogs, but still very little colour, then the clouds really closed in and it started to rain………so we ended up going home for a nap!

~ Julz