The sweet life – Cupcakes

I had been very enamoured of Desley Jane’s wonderful macaron macro shoot, I said we should do cupcakes! And of course she said yes, so we did; sometimes we’re just like that! Poor Desley, had a morning which did not quite go to plan so we had a late start………I was playing with some other stuff while waiting, so I was happy. Β We then popped over to the nearest shopping centre and grabbed some lunch, a few bits and pieces (honestly we are hopeless, as much as push each other to big and better, we are sometimes enablers and hopelessly inept at staying out of trouble…not in a big way, just naughty little things, fun & messy, and probably a little unpredictable lol……….but I’m getting off topic here.

To say everything was a disaster is a little extreme but not far from the truth, the cupcakes were not packed properly and we were perhaps a little lax in their treatment as the end result was messy cupcakes all squished in together, not very pretty for photography, not at all. We managed to salvage some and played with those……I was having weird macro lens issues (something is rattling – not good, although the photos are fine), it became quite warm on the back deck in the sun, 26C turned into 30+C and it got quite hot, not good for cupcakes (or us), so we popped them in the fridge and played with some gorgeous pink gerberas and other bits and pieces……..I was looking for a mad hatter style tea party, not sure what I ended up with?

And the cupcakes? Well we saved a few, but they were all delicious!

As the cupcakes were mostly ruined we decided to really have some messy fun and do a cake smash………so we moved it in to the studio, where it was a touch cooler and it all went down hill from there, I might leave that for another post, oh it also involves flames, vodka and a baked Alaska……….but like I said that is for another post :-); I’m such a tease lol.


~ Julz