The Sweet Life – Cake Smash & Bombed Alaska

Desley Jane and I did a sweet life cupcake shoot, with some disastrously funny results, there were some great pics as well, and so many laughs… So when life gives you lemons…….you grab the vodka, right? Well we grabbed the vodka and a lighter and attempted to re flambe a bombed AlaskaΒ wp-1485229471699.jpg

Did I mention we were winging it here? Watch the video, seriously we have no idea what we are doing, but we have a lot of fun doing it!

Then, because the cupcakes were a mess anyway we decided to do a cake smash………..also notice the pretty white top I was wearing? BIG MISTAKE lol, seriously I should not be allowed to wear anything other than black!

In our defence, us creative types have often weird and quirky ideas, and it is usually strange things that keep us amused, we are seldom dangerous (often extremely clumsy, but seldom dangerous), our destructive tendencies are usually focused on the artistic influences in front of us ie; flowers, cookies, cupcakes etc….or maybe that is just Desley and I?

Oh and did you notice how BRAVE I am being, I am in not one, but two videos! Good gracious I’ve been corrupted! lol

~ Julz