Monday’s Musings

Another Monday, boy do they come around fast! I really don’t have all that much to report, last week, was study, edit, study, edit……..still got a bit of a dark and moody fruit vibe going on.

I finished off some stuff from the Brooke Shaden 20 Day challenge, revamped the website; check it out –, that has taken most of my focus, I must admit. Plus I have taken the initiative and contacted a few galleries not too far from me in regards to some exhibits this year. I have been offered one in April……which seems like it might be a good fit, plus my Rabbit Series will have his own show , but not until 2018 – long time to wait.

I have been looking at some older images which I still have not as yet, done much with, this is a Kestrel (I think) from a shoot last year…….I have always loved the original photo, I just felt it needed more atmosphere; now it has loads of atmosphere.


I have also got a new signature/watermark/logo……….has anyone noticed?  Something a little more stylish was required moving ahead with galleries and such.

Speaking of galleries (of sorts), a friend of mine, Mary has an exhibit in a coffee shop and had her opening on Saturday, we turned up a little late, so our visit was quite short, but her images looked wonderful, some framed, some canvas and some under glass……they looked wonderful, I need to try some of them I think. I did a quick ninja sneak peek at my own gallery exhibit and sadly nothing has sold as yet; but not much of anything has sold in the whole exhibition, and there are some wonderful pieces there.

I bought a new camera on Sunday, I went to the dark side (or I left the dark side – I have always been an Olympus girl, til I got the Nikon) and bought a new Olympus for under water shooting, not as high ranged as my Nikon, but it does have f/2.0 – f/8.0 and it shoots in RAW, which frankly for me is a must. It shoots 16 megapixels, which should be enough for what I want to achieve. I have an underwater shoot planned for next weekend, the start of a few I have planned…..should be fun. At least the weather is hot for it 🙂

This week I have a few shoots planned, as long as the weather holds out, til then I hope you all have a fabulous week.

~ Julz