Five Minutes with Regular Random

Desley Jane at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist has started a new weekly challenge – Regular RandomDesley Jane at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist has started a new weekly challenge – Regular Random

Take an object or a scene and shoot it for 5 minutes. Try not to move the object, instead move yourself! This challenge teaches us about composition, about the field of view and about the depth of field as well.

I had another reason to complete this challenge as well……my new Olympus TG4 camera. I wanted to take it through it’s paces and see what I thought. So after work I popped into the backyard for five minutes and shot in one area, moving myself (I could not move the bench seat if I tried)


So in front, each side, on top, below, 45 degree angle, squatting, standing, sitting on the deck, in close, stand back, wide (digital) and telephoto (also digital), I think it was all in 400 ISO and at F/2.0………still learning how to change some stuff although ISO and F/stop are limited. So far I am using it in aperture priority mode. Everything was slightly over exposed as I didn’t find the spot metering until after 😛

Oh and I think I spent a good 2-3 minutes of my 5 minute allotment with this little guy, this camera supposedly has a super macro 1cm minimum focus range…..I didn’t get quite that close and the images seemed a little grainy………I wonder if there is a noise reduction? OK So I perhaps too a few too many pics? But isn’t that the point?

Perhaps head on over to Desley’s page and see what she and other’s are doing, also to find out more about this challenge

~ Julz


3 thoughts on “Five Minutes with Regular Random

  1. Awesome – what a little tropical oasis you’ve photographed. And a great location for this topic too since you’ve got lots of things that you can focus on. And you found a bee! Very cool. One centimetre is pretty close, interesting. But on aperture priority, did it adjust your ISO for you?

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