New York in the Rain…

No I have not been,but my daughter has a few times, she really enjoyed her time there on both occasions – but this is not really a post about her travel trips. She did a bus tour, one of those Movie tours (for Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls or something), but this day it rained and rained and rained and she thought all her photos were ruined, as they were mostly blurry and the camera seemed to focus on the rain. I told her not to delete them and to give them to me to play with.

City Streets

When you remove the laws of what you think makes a good photo and just take shape and colour and form into the equation you can actually achieve some lovely abstract type images. No they are not sharp and in focus, but you can tell it is people walking past buildings in the rain. We are actually going to have this one printed on a canvas to hang in my daughters room…… anyone can have but a beautiful painting of a special spot that means something to her is to be treasured by her……….and me for creating that piece for her.

Here is just a few before and after, quite a transformation aren’t they from discarded photos. She has Dusk on her phone as background and screensaver……we both prefer City Streets, but Dusk fit better on her phone.


I think of all the photos I have deleted and wonder what treasures were buried, that I never found? I often look at horrible photos with different eyes and sometimes I still just delete, but when they are treasured memories, you often want to save them. These images may not mean anything to anyone else, but to my daughter, these saved images are priceless.

~ Julz