Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Things that look like faces

Cee’s Fun Foto CHallenge this week is just that – a challenge. Searching through my archives to find things that look like faces but are not, was quite challenging, either I have a lack of imagination (seems doubtful considering the weird stuff I come up with), lack of coffee (a distinct possibility), or my photography portfolio is lacking in this kind of shot. I could have set up some shots with fruit and veg, but frankly I have way too many things on my plate and the archives it must be. So I went for things that aren’t human, but still look like faces?dsc_5731dsc_1163DSC_3496DSC_2476DSC_1378DSC_1389

Luna Park – St Kilda

So that is it for this week, not quite what the theme requested, but close enough……I hope you are all having a fabulous week…

~ Julz