Missed the point?

So many posts and pretty pictures of things people did, got or gave for Valentine’s Day, Me? Nothing I don’t buy into it all…..I feel it has become all too commercial. Perhaps it is my ‘bah humbug’ thing. I don’t need a date on the calendar to say I love you, we say it all the time. I don’t need a card or flowers or a piece of jewelry; never have, never will. That’s not to say I don’t want those things, but for that ONE DAY a year the prices get jacked right up, I go go without or wait a little longer. Moth will come home several times a year with flowers, just because he saw them and thought of me, or my birthday or our anniversary; that means more to me than having to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day because the media said you HAVE to. If we are wandering the markets or boutique stores and I find a piece of jewellry I adore, he will buy it for me, no questions asked.

Have I perhaps missed the point? I don’t think so, in an age where everything has become so commercialised, is it just a waste of time and money? Some people are homeless & hungry, some people have no job, no family, no loved one. Some people are sick and dying. Isn’t it enough to say “I LOVE YOU” without all the hype? If your man didn’t buy you flowers or jewellry from Tiffany & Co………….would the world suddenly stop turning? No I didn’t think so. And what about the Single people who are made to feel especially unloved? Not fair, I have one daughter who is married and one who is single. My Married daughter was alone and felt bad, my single daughter said what the hell and made a night of it with single friends; movie and drinks.

I think too much pressure is put on people, and some women (not all, and some men I guess) make it worse for perpetuating it all. dsc_7209

So for all you, my friends on the day AFTER Valentine’s Day……..I wish you love (where ever, whatever and whomever that maybe), happiness and friendship. Perhaps next year, save your pennies but flowers on another day, just because you care and use that Valentine’s Day money for a greater good? Or not?

~ Julz

7 thoughts on “Missed the point?

  1. I agree too. It has become very commercial and does put pressure on people to conform. I’m not particularly romantic myself and my husband and I did not “do” Valentines Day. I might get him a card, he might bring me a bar of chocolate but sometimes he just did that anyway.
    I read somewhere yesterday about some florist who had stuffed up their Valentine flower orders and one person actually said his girlfriend/fiancee had left him because she did not get flowers. I wondered if this were true. Perhaps it was just bad reporting which would not surprise me, or the guy said it in order to get compensation. However, if it were true it can’t have been much of a relationship or something must have been very wrong in the first place.
    I volunteer at an Op Shop and one of our volunteers made up Valentine gifts which was a bit of fun and did not cost a lot but to turn it into an extravaganza seems silly. So much easier to get a booking at the nice restaurant or your flowers delivered promptly when it is not Valentines Day.

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  2. LOL. Love your flower at the end. Just beautiful. I was surprised with a lovely dinner with one of my dear friends and we sat amongst the lovey dovey diners. And then we watched a bad horror movie. Of course. Happy post-Valentine’s day to you. Of course, it was GG’s birthday as well!!

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