Hi, Yes I am tooting my own horn, but someone has to, right? Very excited to be in this month’s Living the Photo Artistic Life, with two pieces (page 74), along with some truly amazing artists……seriously do yourself a favour, make a cuppa and flick through the pages…it will feed your soul.

You know that feeling when you are not quite awake, but not quite asleep? When you are still wrapped in warm Lavender Dreams, floating in the ย clouds and then slowly the fog lifts and you are awake. Or you feel like you’re falling andย suddenly wake up?

Longing for the Fog to Lift

Things that hide in the closet or under the bed, branches that scratch on your window, trees that make creepy shadows, bats that screech in the night, the house creaking and groaning as it settles…….these are all things that go “Bump in the Night”

Bump in the Night

Both of these are all with my own original photos, apart from the birds, I took these images ages ago and processed them at the time and now I have re visioned them into something so much more. heavily inspired by a Month long study of Brooke Shaden with my Kaizen Group, following Brooke’s 20 Day Portfolio challenge……….such an inspirational start to the year.

~ Julz