Monday Musings…

You would think it was no longer Summer in Melbourne, while NSW and QLD are suffering the hottest Summer ever recorded, we in Melbourne have pulled out the jeans and jumpers again. It is cold and wet and windy, no exploring for me. We actually had our White Night Festival on Saturday night, but the expected 750,000 people kept me away, I am not good with crowds, long wait and even longer walks. My fellow Tog friends who endured it are all complaining how much pain they are in today.

I spent Saturday in a whirlwind of activity, I finally got into the studio to start the long awaited new series..The Tarot, with a relatively new model Meelissa Jade, she is considered a plus size model (yeah right), but is voluptuous and buxom and has long red hair, perfect for my Wicca style shoot. I have a few images loaded on my Facebook Page here for a sneek peak, but I will post some images eventually. Here is a couple (not from the Tarot group), that we shot for my Kaizen Group Project

Butterfly Kisses


And this one for her Portfolio. I then spent most of the weekend editing………I mean the weather is awful, so why not. Also spent a few hours on the couch with hubby, catching up on some Grimm (TV Show).

This week will be a bit up and down too I guess………not much on, but I am sure that will change by the weekend.

I hope you all have a brilliant week…

~ Julz