Summer Outings – Montsalvat

Nestled in the pretty bushland of Eltham lies the stunning estate of Montsalvat, which was built decades ago (1934) as an artist collective and still is today. I have been there briefly a few months ago, but too late to venture inside, but I have been keen to visit ever since and it was on my smaller bucket list. Recently  I was invited to visit to tour the facilities as I have been booked for an exhibit in the Residents Gallery (in 2018!). So we investigated the gallery I am to use, wonderful atmosphere,  small and intimate; perfect. We then had free rein to wander the grounds, so we did. There was a wedding in progress and I stalked them when they appeared for their photos in the grounds, and we also wandered around the amazing compound, just decrepit enough to be interesting and restored enough not to ruin the dreaminess of this place. There were families and couple enjoying picnics on the grounds and children running everywhere. There was even a peacock or two to stalk as well. With such glorious weather we lingered here for much longer than we probably should have; but it was just so good to be enjoying the sunshine (without it being too hot). I know there is a lot, but trust me this is nothing and I have put the wedding and peacock stalking in their own posts, also the flowers got their own post and I will do one for the statues as well…

~ Julz

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