Monday’s Musings

After a fairly crappy week last week; feeling a little sorry for myself, as things didn’t go my way and a few comments that bit deep………….I decided it was time to get of my butt and do something fun. The weather was glorious for a day or two of shooting. we headed out to Werribee Park Zoo (part way between Melbourne and Geelong) as the new lion cubs were put on exhibit this week. Sadly, we should have gotten there earlier as the cubs were all played out, by the time we finally got there…….but still oh so cute.


This Zoo is an African themed Zoo and most of the animals are African, but no Elephants?  Oh, but there are Hippos……….Oh I love me a hippo!


So we spent a wondrous afternoon, walking from one end to the other, and back again. We then drove home for a cat nap, dinner and we were out again, this time to the other ends of the earth to the Mornington Peninsula as it was a great night for some astro photography


This is a three shot Panorama………that’s the Milky Way, well the Southern part of it anyway.

Sunday was a big sleep in, we got home so very late. Did a few things pottering around the house, then started dying some cheesecloth I got, with natural ingredients like coffee, green tea and pomegranates. Learning, learning always learning. Will do a post later on this DIY.

I hope you all have a great week…

~ Julz

22 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. going to the zoo, is always fun to go with the kids and see things afresh. through their eyes. That, definitely is uplifting for me! your photos are full of fun and joy. loved the inky depths of the night sky too 🙂

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  2. Looking forward to the coffee/pomegranate post!

    I get that way too from time to time – feeling a little down on myself. Often the very best thing one can do is to get out of the house and MOVE! The zoo is a perfect venue for getting outside of oneself. Hope it did the trick!

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