D.I.Y Dyeing Fabric Natural Ingredients

I was playing around with dyeing some cheesecloth I bought with natural every day ingredients from home, I wrote a full blog post here. I used Coffee, Green Tea and Grenadine (Pomegranate Syrup), I figure I regularly stain my clothes (accidentally) so how hard can it be?

I first did a bit of research….oh Google, where would we be without Google? Found several different websites, all pretty much saying the same thing, so I thought I was on the right track. I washed and dried and prepared the Mordant as directed and then made my dyes……..there was a huge amount of info on exactly how much of each ingredients, apart from the tea bags (6), so I guessed. I must have guessed wrong or I stuffed something up as my Pomegranate which should have been purple only had the slightly touch of pink and the tea and coffee were very faint. Perhaps I need to dye them again for stronger colour? Perhaps I need to smash up a real pomegranate, although I know for a fact that Grenadine stains quite well…….maybe I didn’t put in enough? trust me that water was very PINK!


The colours are much softer than I expected, even after soaking for 24 hours……..but perhaps that is the beauty of natural dyes, the softness; that or I stuffed up!

~ Julz