Regular Random

Every week Desley Jane host Regular Random, spend five minutes with the subject of your choice and go to town; up, down, over, under etc, etc…….Desley did her adorable dog GG this week, check it out.

I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend, one of the things I managed was to actually set up for this week’s Regular Random; some pretty dried flowers and hand dyed cheesecloth (as opposed to running around with a camera for 5 minutes after work one night trying to find something to shoot). My Five minutes of Regular Randomness actually yielded more photos, but I thought this was plenty to bore you with;

Oh…these are all shot with my 35mm Prime between F/1.8 and F/4.0 with natural light only, and edited with one of my new presets for Lightroom – Slightly Shadows (Still Life Preset Selection). This preset and other cool textures and preset setsΒ are available free to download here.

~ Julz