Gramblr & IFTTT App Reviews

I feel I have fallen behind with a few things lately and have been looking at ways to help me out, one is to make Social Media a little less crazy, how does one keep up with it all? Posting to Instagram, Facebook, 500px, Flickr, Twitter, Guru……it’s all exhausting, but there is help, there is a better way….

I have not reviewed an App in quite a while, I did some software a little while ago, but that has been about it…I don’t get paid for these reviews (I Wish), but am only passing them on for I feel they are a value add…IFTTT is definitely one, so is Gramblr. 


So what is IFTTT? It stands for If This then That and it has become a sanity saver. Check the link to see exactly how it all works but basically you hop on your computer and program you applets to do things for you……..still lost?


I post an image on Instagram and tag it #Digitalart, I then have applets in IFTTT that go to work, they see that Hashtag and immediately post to my Pinterest Digital Art board, my 500PX and Flickr Digital Art Albums, my Facebook page, Twitter account, I could take it further and make it run a blog post as well, but I prefer to write those myself.

If I hashtag #StillLife IFTTT then posts to Still Life albums on Pinterest, Facebook, 500PX, Flicker, FB, Twitter and so on. I don’t even have to check them or bounce around from one social media to another. And you can add so much more.

And there are applets pre made for just about anything you can think of too, got Alexa? You can program it to make Alexa turn on the AC, the oven the kettle when you leave work. You can program your phone to switch between wi-fi or silent mode when are work or sleeping, stock reports, so much ‘stuff’………..I just stick to the social media organising things for me, perhaps I will branch out to other stuff one day.

Suit your needs

There are 100s of applets premade, but trust me it is fairly easy to create your own too. I ended up creating them for specific Hashtags and I run mostly from my Instagram.


I also use a new Instagram Tool from my PC too called Gramblr

Gramblr is a desktop application that allows you to upload pictures or videos on Instagram. It features a similar upload wizard – so that you don’t need a smartphone!

OK I must admit I found it a bit tricky to set up, but it has been very good. It does not remember Hashtags like Instagram, it also does not let you access @names for tagging, but I find it a lot easier to type #hashtags or even copy and paste from a list on the PC than the phone.

It’s all a numbers game with IG and #Hashtags…….I usually only get between 30-50 Likes, but recently I experimented with some different Hashtags and got 100’s in fact My Hungry, Hungry Hippos got almost 300………..OK so I’m no Kardashian but 300 for me is awesome. I will keep experimenting and trying different lists, lets see how I go?


So that’s it, no pretty pictures………check them out if you wish to save your sanity….your call.

OH OK! here is a really cute Hippo!


Have an awesome day peeps and happy snapping…

~ Julz