Back in the studio – Introducing Hayley…

I recently got a call from a fellow photography that a model she worked with would love to work with me on some of my concept/fantasy images. Sure, why not if they are happy to work for free, then I am happy to take their picture. I have more ideas than I have time to shoot and have available models for, so the more models the better.

Time to see what the future holds

So I had a few ideas and we met on a sunny Saturday for a shoot in the studio, so a little bit of playing around and some Photoshop magic and we had the starting for a new series for my Latest Kaizen Group Project, few more fantasy images and a couple more images for my Tarot Series……..I have mentioned about my new long term series haven’t I?

Page of Cups

Mmmmm…maybe I haven’t. Well I had this great idea to take a pack of Waite Tarot cards and create an image based on every card, especially the Major Arcana. I have different models arranged for different Minor Arcana, Cups (above), Swords, Wands and Pentacles.I have purchased a sword (actually just plastic, but looks cool) and I had this cup shipped out from the UK; very Wiccan! In fact I feel a very Wiccan vibe with all the shoots so far, strong, young, powerful women embracing life and creativity, even on some of the darker cards.

Ace of Cups
The High Priestess

So I have three shoots down and have finished off ten cards, and it’s only March…… really kicking it. Will do a post with some of the Tarot Images a little further down the line.

~ Julz