Tuesday’s Textures…The Tarot

I know I wrote last week about the new series I have started based loosely on the Rider Waite Tarot Card deck, and I am pretty sure I wrote a post about the actual deck of cards, somewhere in the deep murky past; I just can’t find it. No Matter Google to the rescue more info here. So…….back on topic I came up with the start of an idea when I found the cards again, but had so much stuff on the go I put it on the backburner for 2017. Slowly my images are dropping into my lap………I am not kidding; it’s like I have a genie or something. I needed to find sword, cup, wand and pentacle for the minor arcana and some of the major. I said one day I need to find a sword, nothing fancy just a plain medievale type broadsword…..but not so heavy. BAM! I walk into a store who were selling the perfect plastic sword, at 50% off! Then one of my models asked if I had anything in planning and I said yes you would be perfect, booked that weekd, BAM! Melissa is just perfect with her long red hair.

JuliePowell_Page of Swords
Page of Swords
JuliePowell_The Hierophant
The Hierophant
The Sun

Even the coins in The Sun were recently bough for another shoot.

The Cup happened in pretty much the same way, I was on eBay looking for something else and this randomly popped up, not to expensive and perfect Wiccan goblet for my needs. I had just booked my Date with Hayley (New Model), when my goblet turned up via courier from UK!…….so here is the start of the Cup cards

Page of Cups
Ace of Cups

Models, props, ideas are flowing freely on this one, so many ideas and not enough time to shoot! Already have another shoot lined up soon and now need to find Pentacles (Perhaps I will find something perfect or make it) and a Wand or Staff. Perhaps they will suddenly turn up now, as I have need for them soon.

As you can see most of the images are square cropped, but once a top and tail are added, they can be used to perhaps make a deck of cards. I will post more as they get done, a sneak peek.

~ Julz